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MacBeth + Sleep No More

book 21: Macbeth 麦克白   除了知道这个故事,我是真的没看懂这本书想表达的意思, 他有 original text 和 modern text, modern text 我都没看懂。 original text 我好像没有几个认识的单词。   for 81 days he wasted in agony. 原来莎士比亚也喜欢用九九八十一这个数 the air is sweet and appeals to my refined senses.   people will shred a flood of tears that will drown the wind like a horrible downpour of rain   as long as i…

Python Little Goal 8

Python day 14 Who is the True Lucky Guy?  In Wechat red-packet game, the best luck winner usually ends up in with a negative balance, because he/she has to send out a red-packet after winning the Best Luck Red Packet. That leaves the Second best luck guy to be the true best luck overall in the game.

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