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UB Baird Practice room 348, 2014

I started playing the violin when I was about 5, although, i haven’t developed much in violin techniques then, the lessons from Zhang, Chen, and Wang Wen guided me on the right track.


When I joined the UB Orchestra in college, I started to enjoy playing the violin, especially when practicing with Yuan Yuan, Ben, and Kan. Thanks to the encouragement from my parents and friends, nora, wendy, david, daisy, 0, andy, dan, wan, tim, elena …


I can’t be more grateful to the teachers: Yuki numatatom halpinsusan kimseth van embden . They not only helped me to refine my intonations and rhythm, but also build up my confidence in playing the violin note by note, bar by bar…


In 2018, I joined a violin group, 琴声想起,阳光千里, 左宝 set the motto to be “不论高低, 只论坚持”, which i Loved it so much. Now, I started to track my practice progress for 10,000 hours rule, summarize the violin lesson and practice methods I benefited from, and post a practice video every month.

The violin I am currently using is a French violin from 1900, It is (Sin/Cos) version of  Ruby Happy Practicing !

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