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UB Baird Practice room 348, 2014

I started playing the violin when I was about 5, although, i haven’t developed much in violin techniques then, the lessons from Zhang, Chen, and Wang Wen guided me on the right track.


When I joined the UB Orchestra in college, I started to enjoy playing the violin, especially when practicing with Yuan Yuan, Ben, and Kan. Thanks to the encouragement from my parents and friends, nora, wendy, david, daisy, 0, andy, dan, wan, tim, elena …


I can’t be more grateful to the teachers: Yuki numatatom halpinsusan kimseth van embden . They not only helped me to refine my intonations and rhythm, but also build up my confidence in playing the violin note by note, bar by bar…


In 2018, I joined a violin group, 琴声想起,阳光千里, 左宝 set the motto to be “不论高低, 只论坚持”, which i Loved it so much. Now, I started to track my practice progress for 10,000 hours rule, summarize the violin lesson and practice methods I benefited from, and post a practice video every month.

The violin I am currently using is a French violin from 1900, It is (Sin/Cos) version of  Ruby Happy Practicing !

The Joy of Spring Festival

Week 4 : 新春乐

The Joy of Spring Festival

This piece has a special meaning to me, I played almost every Chinese New Year !
Although there is still room for improvements, I think this is the best version in 20 years!

I remember my parents always say it sounds like 乱炒菜,(A Dish made of Mess).
I feel like I used 20 years to make this dish right (把这个菜炒好了). 😍 

Happy Spring Festival and Happy Practice!


Song of the Wind

2019 Week 1:

SUZUKI BOOK 1: Song of the Wind


Practicing Note:

  • keep the first finger on the E string.
  •  piano (pp) on the second time.

I am still working on them. 

Happy Practicing! 🎻




同一首歌 2018

I hear this song in all kinds of End Of Year Tv-shows and Parties.

This is the first time i play the song by myself. I haven’t figured out how to use the video software yet.
and the tempo still hasn’t matched yet.

I will record the same song again at the end of 2019! 


Jingle Bells


Jingle Bells

Merry Christmas !

Many years ago, I performed Jingle Bells and Eiderwise in Walmart, Changsha. That’s my first solo experience in front of the crowd.

I still remember that day there was a little girl looking at me, then her parents asked her do you like it?

She said yes.

I heard her parents saying, maybe we should get her started with a violin lesson?

It is no doubt that I won’t be a professional violinist in this lifetime,

but moments like this I still treasure.

For the half of the second that people stopped to listen! 



Happy Practicing!


Suzuki: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

  This year I noticed how serious was my tempo problem.  Around the same time, I have been introduced the Suzuki Method Violin from the 阳光千里 琴声响起 practice group.  I decide to practice with the piano accompaniment to improve my tempo. Suzuki 1: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star I asked 猪猪老师 why Suzuki started with A major (F sharp, C sharp, G sharp).…

Renoir + Mozart

Violin Lesson Note 2 My violin teacher Susan encouraged me to think more about the musical expression when I started Mozart G major Movement 3. She asked me if I were a painter, what color I want to paint this music. If the bow is my brush, what kind of stroke I want to use. Is it soft and bubbly…

Violin tuning

Lesson Note 1 Tuning For the longest time, I couldn’t tune the violin by myself, because I thought I do not have perfect pitch so could not tell when they are in tune. However, the teachers told me, I can still train my ears and acquire the relative pitch. I started tuning by playing A and D, and trying to hearing for…


The Chinese violinist, Sheng zhong guo  盛中国  , passed away last week. He has been the iconic people in Chinese violin education and performance in the last 40 years. His version of 牧歌 (the pastoral song)is my favorite. The tenderness of emotion intertwined with the openness of violin sound created a sorrow but gentle atmosphere in the endless grassland. Rather…

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