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I still remember the dazzling eyes when Dr.Cavior talked about the orange peel theorem in Calculus II, if we cut an orange into slices that had the same thickness, then each slice would have the same amount of orange peel. That day I was attracted by the beauty of mathematics.

I enjoyed my years as a mathematician in the UB Math department, I can’t stop listing the people I met in the Math Lounge if I start. My favorite professors are Dr.Cavior, Dr.Cowen, Dr.Jung, and Dr.Hemmer .


I started tutoring Maths in The Math Place , and CAS Lab , then I taught various math classes in UB ,  Medaille College , Daemen College , Buffalo State College , and John’s Hopkins University CTY program .


Maths has been an important component in my life, now I am trying to organize and present some interesting problems, fundamental math theorems or funny maths stories.

The Game of 31

Thirty-One: Last weekend, 77 recommended me to watch a TV shows, High Intelligent Players, 高能玩家. Among the games they played, there is a game of 31, I think it is very interesting.

Fun Numbers

Python Day 3: Finding Fun Numbers All the maths fans know the story about 1729, the Ramanujan Number. One day Hardy visited Ramanujan in the hospital and said he took a taxi with a boring licence number, 1729. Ramanujan said:  it is a very interesting number; it is the smallest number expressible as the sum of two cubes in two different ways.


Topology 1:

I never really understood any topology classes while in school, but I enjoyed all the fancy torus Dr.Bazeyach drew. I saw this picture from ins #math. I thought it is very cute 🙂


SAS 11.11

In China, 11.11 is Single’s Day. I found this day very interesting, although 1111 looks like a solitude date on the calendar. It is not! It has a prime factorization 1111=101*11,  and both 11 and 101 are primes. Therefore I think 1111 is a cute number and a Prime relationship day! Some people may be like Composite Numbers, always have…

Mini algebra 1

Abstract Algebra is my favorite Math categories; it totally opened a new world for me. 2+2 is not necessarily equal to 4 anymore; we could not take a+b = b+ a for grant ; logos or pictures have mathematical meaning presentations….. The foundation of Contemporary Algebra is built on the concept of Group. Some math genius got so bored so they started…

Fun math 1

When I was teaching the summer camp in CTY, students started to write: { in Z+| < 0} = a really happy negative number { in Z+| is even and n is odd} = 2, ( a really odd even number) I thought it is really cute, I shared it 80 , he came up with some more statment …. But we will…

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