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math is fun!

SAS 11.11

In China, 11.11 is Single’s Day. I found this day very interesting, although 1111 looks like a solitude date on the calendar. It is not! It has a prime factorization 1111=101*11,  and both 11 and 101 are primes. Therefore I think 1111 is a cute number and a Prime relationship day! Some people may be like Composite Numbers, always have…

Fun math 1

When I was teaching the summer camp in CTY, students started to write: { in Z+| < 0} = a really happy negative number { in Z+| is even and n is odd} = 2, ( a really odd even number) I thought it is really cute, I shared it 80 , he came up with some more statment …. But we will…

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