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I still remember the dazzling eyes when Dr.Cavior talked about the orange peel theorem in Calculus II, if we cut an orange into slices that had the same thickness, then each slice would have the same amount of orange peel. That day I was attracted by the beauty of mathematics.

I enjoyed my years as a mathematician in the UB Math department, I can’t stop listing the people I met in the Math Lounge if I start. My favorite professors are Dr.Cavior, Dr.Cowen, Dr.Jung, and Dr.Hemmer .


I started tutoring Maths in The Math Place , and CAS Lab , then I taught various math classes in UB ,  Medaille College , Daemen College , Buffalo State College , and John’s Hopkins University CTY program .


Maths has been an important component in my life, now I am trying to organize and present some interesting problems, fundamental math theorems or funny maths stories.

Aurelio Baldor

  When i was in Bogota, i stayed with Martha and Hugo. Hugo is a mathematician. he asked me which area of mathematics i studied. I told him Abstract Algebra. Then he told me a funny story.  Many Colombian students are not great at Algebra (regular), and almost all the Algebra textbook in Colombia is written by a Cuban mathematician…

Goldbach Conjecture

Math Day 6: Goldbach Conjecture Trial in Python: Because of the dramatical story of Chen jing run(陈景润), Chinese society has a special sentimental enthusiasm attached to the Goldbach Conjecture. Majority of the public think it is the most difficult and fascinating maths problem in the world. The truth is Goldbach Conjecture is extremely easy to understand, yet remains unproven. Goldbach’s…

Linear Diophantine Equation1

In Number Theory Class, Dr.Cavior told us a real story,  One Sunday morning 🌞, he just made a cup of freshly brewed coffee☕ and started to read a book 📒, then he got a call from a friend ☎. The friend was asking for his help with a 1 Million Dollars McDonald’s Puzzle that she was trying for couple days! 

Geometric Series with Python

Background Story : There were a couple of mathematicians went to a bar, the first guy ordered one beer, the second guy asked for 1/2 of a beer, the third guy asked for 1/4 of a beer, the fourth ordered 1/8 of a beer, and so on… The hot bartender rolled her eyes, poured two beers, and says, “Here, you…

The Chinese Remainder Theorem

Chinese Remainder Theorem  Background Story: back in the Han dynasty, there is a  famous General Han Xin. In order to prevent the spy in the army to detect the number of his soldiers, he used an advanced Counting System (韩信点兵).  Instead off directly counting from 1 to n, he asked his soldiers to number off from 3 times. First time 1…

Collatz Conjecture

  Python Day 4: Collatz Conjecture Some of the students used to ask me, why do we have to learn calculus? I told them because if they are good at calculus then they may good at abstract algebra and number theory, and eventually can be the front page of the People’s Magazine like Andrew Wiles. (Andrew Wiles proved Fermat’s Last Theorem).


Derivatives 1:

Derivative is one of my favorite concepts; it is the fundamental idea of calculus. 

Derivative represents the rate of instantaneous change at the point a. 

Math started to make sense to me systematically from calculus.

One application is 

S(t): Distance

S'(t) = v(t) : velocity

S”(t)= v'(t)= a(t): accerlation

and dont forget S”'(t)= jerk 🙂 


Happy studying!

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