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National Portrait Gallery

  This is my favorite little angel in the National Portrait Gallery. Among the rest cute and happy kids, this angel really caught my attention, his feature is aesthetic but I feel there is tasteful of sorrow in his spirit. I think he is a kid with a strong sentimental sense. Even the tambourine is broken, he still cherishes it.

National Gallery of Art -Contemporary wings

  When i was in Boston, there was a room full of Mark Rothko, his works presented by pure black or red canvas, i didn’t understand his art at the beginning. Yohan said to focus on the details then i found the different layers of green or red. This time in the National Gallery of Art, i was a piece…

金刚怒目 不如菩萨垂眉

  金刚怒目 不如菩萨垂眉 ※ 莫高窟17窟 王道士的藏经洞(1907年发现) 小时候的同学汪佳借过我一本书,文化苦旅,大概前面就写到王道士无意中发现了莫高窟17窟里的五万余经书然后卖给了外国人,让人痛心疾首的故事,那本书看到这里的时候我太气愤,就看不下去了,然后就觉得王道士好讨厌。学而不思则罔,一晃很多年过去了,如今我有幸来到这个书里记载的神奇的17窟,在听到这个故事更详细的版本,加上自己的一些思考,我有了更多一些的想法。

Cup of the Year

陕西博物馆 这个杯子是今年最佳! 入选原因: 西出玉门 + 长安十二时辰 西出玉门里说这个杯子值半个香港,流西的随身品。 长安12时辰里, 小乙藏起来的何家村金器里,就有这个杯子!!! 上次去西安没有注意,perfect excuse to go back! 玛瑙兽纹杯

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