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Doodle 27

I wanna crawl on your shoulder
I wanna look out through your window
I wanna be your wings
I wanna wipe your sorrows
It was you who told me to hold you tight,
Soaring freely behind your back.
                                               — originated by 青峰

Doodle 26

I went back from school last Saturday, I was so tired that i cant even change a channel in the remote.
A bit depressed, after i saw this sentence in social media, this is totally me!


She is such a whimper,
might crash down once a while, after that. 
she still puts everything together and treats life serious again.

throw the handle after the blade is not her style.


Doodle 24

I once transformed my youth into him
My fingers once revealed a mid-summer dream
My heart flipped as it goes.

                                         — The Wind Blows


Violin 2019

2019 Violin Practice Schedule I saw a youtube video about a young lady’s violin practice progress over 6 years from zero, I was very touched. This year, I want to be better at practicing the violin. I remembered all my violin teachers always mentioning the importance of the structures of constructed the Violin Practice session. And I remember when I saw Yuan…

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