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Museo de national – bogota

  This time, i did not take a long time in this museum because i was really hungry, there are a couple of paints i thought they spoke to me. I like the short hair lady, because it feels very oriental    2.  Such an awkward painting, because the white lady’s feature is too strong for my taste!    …

museo de oro -gold museum

  It is a famous museum in Bogota, but i didn’t spend much time in it either, because i was afraid Botero museum will close.  here are the things i found interesting. i feel this bird resembles chinese pheonix    2. Very cute style         3. colombian really like lizards!   4. My favorite : Looks like…

Doodle 39


Doole 36

if you could, if you can, wish you are the sunflower 
Widely blossom in this beautiful but tough life!
Gracefully blossom in this storming world! 

Doodle 35

Two Set violin like to Roast the flight of the bumblebee….

and they did make a difference! now Guinness record wont take any

bumblebee…   I remember the look on my mom’s face when i played this piece…


MOMA 1 Last weekend, 77 and I went to MOMA, of course, there are Monet, van Gogh, Pollock, and all the famous impressionists. But i feel like these 4 paintings brought me personal sensations and attachment other than “famous” painting so it must be good!   This painting is from Uruguay,  but i feel it is inner Mongolian style ,…

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Music Lesson Note 7  James and I suppose to play the Bach D Minor together once for rehearsal, then there is a note D I missed, so  I stopped. James said, in practice, we stop to fix the mistakes, in performance, WE DON’T STOP regardless of the circumstances. I recalled many years ago, Yuki, told me the similar thing, she…

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