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Thoughts from visiting museums or art shows

500 Years of Western Paintings Collections of Tokyo Fuji Art Museum

  I went to this Exhibition with 44, 阿秋 and 月函 in 清华大学(QingHua University), Beijing There were many wonderful paintings, the following 6 paintings are my favorite. 1.Napolean I saw this huge painting in Louvre, Paris, this is a mini version of the Louvre version. life is unpredictable, i didn’t think i would see this painting again 7 years later in China.…

Renoir + Mozart

Violin Lesson Note 2 My violin teacher Susan encouraged me to think more about the musical expression when I started Mozart G major Movement 3. She asked me if I were a painter, what color I want to paint this music. If the bow is my brush, what kind of stroke I want to use. Is it soft and bubbly…

Metropolitan 1

This is from Klimt. I know him because of Monika, she was my friend in Math department. Monika said Klimt is the most famous Austrian painter. I like this painting because it shows a variety of white…   This painting draws my attention because I think the waistline is extremely small, but overall it doesn’t feel too awkward. 

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