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金刚怒目 不如菩萨垂眉

  金刚怒目 不如菩萨垂眉 ※ 莫高窟17窟 王道士的藏经洞(1907年发现) 小时候的同学汪佳借过我一本书,文化苦旅,大概前面就写到王道士无意中发现了莫高窟17窟里的五万余经书然后卖给了外国人,让人痛心疾首的故事,那本书看到这里的时候我太气愤,就看不下去了,然后就觉得王道士好讨厌。学而不思则罔,一晃很多年过去了,如今我有幸来到这个书里记载的神奇的17窟,在听到这个故事更详细的版本,加上自己的一些思考,我有了更多一些的想法。

Cup of the Year

陕西博物馆 这个杯子是今年最佳! 入选原因: 西出玉门 + 长安十二时辰 西出玉门里说这个杯子值半个香港,流西的随身品。 长安12时辰里, 小乙藏起来的何家村金器里,就有这个杯子!!! 上次去西安没有注意,perfect excuse to go back! 玛瑙兽纹杯

Bermuda City Hall Art Center

  百慕大太晒了,我想去city hall 躲一下太阳,结果有个艺术馆。 最惊喜的是我实在没想到,我居然在这里看到一整版andy warhol, 还有几幅草间弥生。 整个美术馆就3个人,而且学生还不要钱,我离开的时候实在忍不住问工作人员,这是不是真的 andy warhol 和草间弥生啊?她说,应该是真的吧!? 要是你们看到了告诉我是不是啊。  

Botero Museum

Hooray ! I use my 100 days spanish made to the museum! 蒙小胖也有的春天!   火又像刀 ! 是不是有光的时候其实也是要打磨。   带的是翡翠吗      my favorite Czanne !!! a little chubby ! 我拿美图拍的时候还给塞尚瘦脸了 !   normally i dont like this kind of painting , but i dont know why was touched   twoset violin would be mad, because it is not a violin,…

Museo de national – bogota

  This time, i did not take a long time in this museum because i was really hungry, there are a couple of paints i thought they spoke to me. I like the short hair lady, because it feels very oriental    2.  Such an awkward painting, because the white lady’s feature is too strong for my taste!    …

museo de oro -gold museum

  It is a famous museum in Bogota, but i didn’t spend much time in it either, because i was afraid Botero museum will close.  here are the things i found interesting. i feel this bird resembles chinese pheonix    2. Very cute style         3. colombian really like lizards!   4. My favorite : Looks like…


MOMA 1 Last weekend, 77 and I went to MOMA, of course, there are Monet, van Gogh, Pollock, and all the famous impressionists. But i feel like these 4 paintings brought me personal sensations and attachment other than “famous” painting so it must be good!   This painting is from Uruguay,  but i feel it is inner Mongolian style ,…

500 Years of Western Paintings Collections of Tokyo Fuji Art Museum

  I went to this Exhibition with 44, 阿秋 and 月函 in 清华大学(QingHua University), Beijing There were many wonderful paintings, the following 6 paintings are my favorite. 1.Napolean I saw this huge painting in Louvre, Paris, this is a mini version of the Louvre version. life is unpredictable, i didn’t think i would see this painting again 7 years later in China.…

Renoir + Mozart

Violin Lesson Note 2 My violin teacher Susan encouraged me to think more about the musical expression when I started Mozart G major Movement 3. She asked me if I were a painter, what color I want to paint this music. If the bow is my brush, what kind of stroke I want to use. Is it soft and bubbly…

Metropolitan 1

This is from Klimt. I know him because of Monika, she was my friend in Math department. Monika said Klimt is the most famous Austrian painter. I like this painting because it shows a variety of white…   This painting draws my attention because I think the waistline is extremely small, but overall it doesn’t feel too awkward. 

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