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Doole 36

if you could, if you can, wish you are the sunflower 
Widely blossom in this beautiful but tough life!
Gracefully blossom in this storming world! 

Doodle 35

Two Set violin like to Roast the flight of the bumblebee….

and they did make a difference! now Guinness record wont take any

bumblebee…   I remember the look on my mom’s face when i played this piece…

Doodle 29


Normally, i never finish a coffee, i just like the smell,
but I really like the Cloud Macchiato this weekend 🙂 


Doodle 27

I wanna crawl on your shoulder
I wanna look out through your window
I wanna be your wings
I wanna wipe your sorrows
It was you who told me to hold you tight,
Soaring freely behind your back.
                                               — originated by 青峰

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