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Doodle 29


Normally, i never finish a coffee, i just like the smell,
but I really like the Cloud Macchiato this weekend 🙂 


Beethoven Spring1 vs Necklace

Music Lesson Note 4 Beethoven Sonata 5 vs Necklace Based on my taste, I always preferred melancholy, strong and expressive music pieces like Sarasate, Zigeunerweisen(流浪者之歌) or Lalo Espagnole. This spring, James suggested me to try Beethoven Sonata 5 -Spring. It should produce a very sweet fresh tone. As the progress going, I played to the middle of the first page…

Rhythm Practice

Violin Lesson Note 4 Rhythm with Metronome I hated metronome, especially the left-right swinging ones, as soon as I see it, my head feels dizzy. But everyone told me if i want to improve the violin playing I need to play with a metronome! I was able to get away with some pieces, but when I started to play Mozart’s…


Violin Lesson Note 3 When I was in college, Yuki always insisted me to remember the music score, but I never listened.  As time goes by, and as I put more effort into the violin practicing. Now, I think it is crucial to be able to memorize the piece we are practicing or playing. Here are some common techniques I…

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