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Python get filename suffix

Python day 25: When i was younger, I only dealt with latex, docx, pdf files. Since i started blogging, i use a lot more files such as jpg, peg, mov4, ipynb, py, md, sas, r , HTML. Sometimes, it is a bit difficult to organize the files. Today we are going to make a small python program to fetch the…

Python Class Example

python day 24 Last time, we did a simple example of Python Class  , We know a Class works as a container that can store objects with similar features (def). Today we will show a more efficient way to call a Class rather than multiple def functions. Since I’m really into Hip-hop recently, we will use make an Idol Class as…

Fibonacci Bunnies Numbers with Python

python day  23 There are so many interesting stories and wonderful applications about the Fibonacci numbers. The origin of Fibonacci number is considering the growth of an idealized rabbit population growth. Assuming the rabbits can breed forever, each breeding pair mates at the age of one month, and at the end of their second month, they always produce another pair…

Jack Welch

book 14 Nj, July 自从我把bilibili 的股票卖了,它就一骑绝尘啊….  然后我喜欢的绵羊,揉揉酱,什么的都有bilibili 于是就开始追B 站了, 这是B站的老总陈睿在他的主页推荐的书。 我看了一下,有很多讲商业决定的, 那我是看不懂的。也不知道他们的点在哪里。 但我知道Welch 一直都有在学习,而且他的花体字真的写的好整齐。 见字如晤,你就会好相信这个人一样! 他真的好喜欢 normal distribution, 正太分布,手画了好几张图!

yibo 王一博

Poem 27 吾爱孟夫子,风流天下闻。 红颜弃轩冕,白首卧松云。 醉月频中圣,迷花不事君。 高山安可仰,徒此挹清芬。                                   –李白.赠孟浩然 吾爱王一博,疾速又风流。盛世美颜酷,迷舞不媚粉。 啊呀,编不下去了,但是就是什么都好!!! 本来想今年的街舞已经没有什么人了的,结果被yibo 圈成脑残粉了。 看他跳舞我终于明白什么叫 阿伟乱葬岗!!!! 今天他生日哦!Leo 狮子坐的!YIBO 生日快乐!

Python Example 想见你 want to see you

Python day 21: 想见你 (Someday or One day) is one of the most popular and highly-rated dramas on Douban 2019 data. But i did not understand the story timeline because it involved a time-traveling element. My brain was burned, after watching some youtube explaining, I still didn’t get the story. But I decide to make a python class to show…

Python: Music Class

Python day 20: If there is one song in the world that I can sing in tune, that is “Leo” 狮子座. It is the end of July now, let’s make a little Python program to print the lyrics of Leo. Background Knowledge: Class: take a grouping of functions and data for new thing and place them inside a container Object:…

Python: For and While Loop

Python day 19: Question: What are the ways to build and print various lists? Usually, we use For-Loop/While-Loop to do repetitive commands.  For-loop only iterates a collection of things, A while-loop can iteration as long as the universe.  Example: Create a list from 0 to 5.

python little goal 12

Python Day 18 It is convenient to be able to output different strings freely while printing the text. Such as assigning different values to the “name” variable or various height to the “height” variable according to the context needs. Format String: %s, %d %s is used as a placeholder for string/character values   %d is used as a placeholder for numeric/decimal…

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