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Python Little Goal 9

Python Day 15 Love Earth Day ❤ the Earth day is coming! many years ago, i vaguely remember krupa, tim and i were spending the earth day together. I forgot who said the best way to celebrate earth day is to throw Krupa in the trash can. haha… this year, I decided to celebrate the Earth day by throwing a…

Python Little Goal 8

Python day 14 Who is the True Lucky Guy?  In Wechat red-packet game, the best luck winner usually ends up in with a negative balance, because he/she has to send out a red-packet after winning the Best Luck Red Packet. That leaves the Second best luck guy to be the true best luck overall in the game.

Python Little Goal 7

Python Little Goal 7 Today we will try to work with Python Strings&nbsp; Task1: Task2: You are given a string  and width . Your task is to wrap the string into a paragraph of width Example: String :ABCDEFGH, Max_width= 4 Output: ABCD EFGH <img src=”” title=”” alt=”” /> <a href=””>Python with String Operation</a> <a href=””>Wrap String</a> Python with String Operation s = input() #alphanumerical…

Python Little Goal 6

Python day 12 Today we will work with the character strings in Python a little bit. 1.Swap Case  The task is to swap cases. Convert all lowercase letters to uppercase letters and vice versa.

Python Little Goal 5

Python Day 11   1.Average Scores When I was in college, getting up for an 8 am Quiz was always a challenge for me, some professors had the policy take the average of a missing Quiz.  Of course, Excel can do the job, since I want to be a real Data Scientist, we will learn how to find an average…

Python Little Goal 4

Python Day 10 Leap Year I have a friend Cindy, she was actually born on Feb.29th, and I remember we celebrated her birthday together 2012 in the Maths place! Leap Year was adapted in Gregorian Calendar.  There are Three Criteria:

Linear Diophantine Equation1

In Number Theory Class, Dr.Cavior told us a real story,  One Sunday morning 🌞, he just made a cup of freshly brewed coffee☕ and started to read a book 📒, then he got a call from a friend ☎. The friend was asking for his help with a 1 Million Dollars McDonald’s Puzzle that she was trying for couple days! 

Python Little Goal 3

Python Day 9 Today we will try the basic Arithmetic Operators including , + , – ,* ,/ and squares in Python. Arithmetic Operators: The first line contains the sum of the two numbers. The second line contains the difference of the two numbers (first – second). The third line contains the product of the two numbers. The fourth line…

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