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In order to fulfill my dream, I will organize the lecture notes, homework,  projects from Harrisburg University . Meanwhile, I will publish some data analysis related topics.

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One-tailed vs Two-tailed Test for P value

R day 3 In clinical trial studies, P-value is critical for measuring drug efficacy. Typically, the statistical analysis Plan will describe statistical significance as: P-value <0.05 for two-tailed Log Rank Test. Recently, I came across a study with the statistical significance as P-value <0.025 for one-tailed Log Rank test in the analysis plan. Question: Does two-tailed P-value= 0.05 means the…

Median vs Mean

R day 2: I was working on a dataset of Airbnb in New York City from Kaggle, when i run the summary function for the price variable in R, i noticed there’s a strong difference between Mean and Median of the variable. summary(ab$price) Min. 1st Qu. Median Mean  3rd Qu. Max. 0.0    69.0      106.0     152.7  175.0 …

Python Little Goal 11

Python Day 17: Polar Coordinate in Python ” You are round and short, . . in polar coordinate.” So today we will introduce the most basic calculation in Python for the Polar coordinates. z= x+ y*i (x, y in R, i in C)

Goldbach Conjecture

Math Day 6: Goldbach Conjecture Trial in Python: Because of the dramatical story of Chen jing run(陈景润), Chinese society has a special sentimental enthusiasm attached to the Goldbach Conjecture. Majority of the public think it is the most difficult and fascinating maths problem in the world. The truth is Goldbach Conjecture is extremely easy to understand, yet remains unproven. Goldbach’s…

Fractal Art

R day 1: Fractal Background I am reading Godel, Escher, Bach, and recursion is one of the main topics the book discussed. Recursion is a pattern and never ends, or goes to infinite. ( EX. Bach’s Fugue, Escher’s stairs, Godel incompleteness theorem).

Price Law vs Pareto Principe

Data Science day 24 : Price Law Vs. Pareto Principle  Almost everyone knows about the Pareto Principle (20/80 Rule), but few people know about Price Law. From Dr.Ford’s Class last week, we learned the Price Law and I am fascinated about it. Today we will go over the basic principle’s of these two laws and use a small python program…

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