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Python Little Goal 2

  Python Day 8 Problem 1: Factorial  Write a factorial function that takes a positive integer,  N as a parameter and prints the result of  N! Solution: def factor(n): a=1 for i in range (1,n+1): a=a*i print(a) factor(3) 6 factor(5) 120   Problem 2: Age Create a function age() should perform the following conditional actions: If n is between 0 to 12, print Young. If 13 and 19,…

Sense and Sensibility

  Book 12 Sense and Sensibility 理智与情感 又是清理原来的笔记本的时候发现的,这些句子是手抄的。 我真要好好想一想怎么才能把字写好。当务之急!自己都看不下去了。 这本书是我在 vienna, VA 捡的,那里有一个trial, washington old post trail。 可以跑到一个小镇上,小镇上有图书馆。 图书馆里有免费的书。 

SAS Space

SAS Day 24: Space Trick Background: My boss has a motto “Devil in the details“. I think all the Space- Related issues are the “Devil” in SAS. Today, we will go over the function and tricks I used to deal with Space. Remove Space: Compress, Compbl, Strip, Trim Concatenate with Remove Space: ||, CAT, CATS, CATX, CATT

Python Little Goal 1

Python Day 7 Problem 1: Given an array of integers, find the sum of its elements. For example, if the array ar=[1,2,3] , so return 6 . Solution: import math ar=[1, 2, 3, 4, 10, 11] def simplesumarray(ar): return(sum(ar)) simplesumarray(ar) 31   Problem 2: Given the meal price ( meal), tip percent (tip), and tax percent ( tax) for a meal, find and print the meal’s total integer cost: Solution:…

Basic Oncology 101

  Today I will share some Basic Oncology Knowledge I found in my old notebook:  RECIST 1.1: Complete Response (CR): Disappearance of all non-nodal target lesion Partial Response (PR) : At least 30% decrease in the sum of diameters of target lesions compared with the baseline sum diameters.

The Joy of Spring Festival

Week 4 : 新春乐

The Joy of Spring Festival

This piece has a special meaning to me, I played almost every Chinese New Year !
Although there is still room for improvements, I think this is the best version in 20 years!

I remember my parents always say it sounds like 乱炒菜,(A Dish made of Mess).
I feel like I used 20 years to make this dish right (把这个菜炒好了). 😍 

Happy Spring Festival and Happy Practice!


ISS & ISE Info

  Background Story:       Once my friend said her team members cried during a meeting, i thought it was funny then. However, when I started to work in their team, I wanted to cry, too. What was the challenge? It was ISS/ ISE related work!  


  book 11 那些回不去的年少时光              2011. buffalo 我在整理原来的日记本,才发现抄录了这本书里的一些句子。和2011 年的生活 想起来,会看这本书是因为 步步惊心,  有一天我看步步惊心哭脸,然后刚好朵朵回来,本来以为谁欺负我,结果知道是我看电视看的,她就笑我.. 过了两天,她说她看的哭晕过去了 … 这次换成我笑她。 后来才知道这是本小说,然后就读了作者的这本书。 这本书大概讲了爱情故事,具体讲什么我也不记得了。 但日记里有那个时候我,朵朵和 80 还有一只叫狮子的猫住在504.

Linear Optimization with Python 2

  Python Day 6: Linear Optimization with Paper Company Last time we did a Pirelli Glass Linear Optimization, it considered a simple problem, because it has only 2 variables.What should we do if there are more variables and with much more complexed constrain systems? Problem: Nancy Grant is the owner of Coal Bank Hollow Recycling company, there is two Recycling Process.

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