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SDTM: SE Subject Element Domain

Background Story : One day, my friend 99 discussed with me if a patient is randomized but not treated has some lab results besides screening, how should we classify the EPOCH variable for him/her in SE domain? So today we will go over a basic example for SE domain: Subject Element. Purpose: The SE stores treatment data linked together with…

SAS Proc Format: transition between format and informat

Background Story: The clinical study datasets usually have paired values for Character and Number, such as Sex and Sexn. However, sometimes the dataset only show the formatted values. If we don’t have the original code, we need to apply Proc Format procedure to transform format values to the original values and make appropriate selections for analysis purposes .

The House on Mango Street

book 5 NJ June 2021 要有多么细腻和温柔的情感才能把芒果街上不入流的移民的生活描写的像 100 violins play in the sky 虽然那些故事里的女人不一定是真的,但一定有真人的projection. 作者写她小时侯在mango street 上生活的时候很多次说到ashame 这个词,yoga 老师说最negative 的情绪就是shame, 比sad, agiated, mad,angry… 都不好. 因为有羞愧感的时候就是怀疑自己的,觉得自己不够好的时候。 but we are worth it ! We have a reason to be here.   但好在她能把sensitivity 转成了对文字的specificity (not the ROC kind) 然后慢慢的长大了!


book 4 Change  改变 作者是怎么把 Group Theory, Logic Theory, Calculus, and Game Theory 都融和在一起了说改变的!对于改变这个视角太蹊径了!他表达改变有两层这个观点,第一层就是 Group theory, 因为元素是closed under operation, 不管怎么变,也不能在出点新花样。第二层的改变是Logic 的,是现在的元素表达不了所有的set,有点像godel 的incompleteness thorem. 就像二阶导数加速度不变,那速度就不会变。 不能老在速度上纠结,要去work on 加速度。

Trial Design Domain

Background : We finally we over the 5 study design trials, TA, TE, TI, TV, TS. As we mentioned last time, TS acts like the outline of the puzzle, how can we fit the puzzles together? What are the relations between these five datasets? Rather than focusing on individual datasets, today we will connect the 5 trial design datasets together…

TS: SDTM Trial Summary Domain

Background Story: Recently my friend 77 told me they checked Trial Summary dataset for multiple rounds and fixed many miscellaneous issues. I wasn’t aware of the importance of the Trial Summary dataset until my colleague Jun told me FDA had a meeting emphasized on Trial Summary dataset  on May.21.2021. So today we will go over the basics for Trial Summary…


book 3 NJ 2021 WFH 一年,我家又被填满了,而且还胖了15斤。我都不相信这是怎么发生的。 于是又想到要断舍离了。这个断舍离真的是个continuous motion. 不是读完一次学会了就可以了的,是时时刻刻。就像书里说的不购买时个重复的过程。 这本书满好翻的,也有几个很有趣的point,比如告诉自己不是不购买,是排毒。 哈哈…大概就是不是我们克制自己不买,而是我门可以买但选择不买。这样心理好像比较容易接受。当然没有断舍离那本书给我的那种震撼和惊艳了。 2021 下半年小目标,不买星巴克, 不买甜品 🍮!每个月只出去一次餐厅!

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