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Doodle 27

I wanna crawl on your shoulder
I wanna look out through your window
I wanna be your wings
I wanna wipe your sorrows
It was you who told me to hold you tight,
Soaring freely behind your back.
                                               — originated by 青峰

Doodle 26

I went back from school last Saturday, I was so tired that i cant even change a channel in the remote.
A bit depressed, after i saw this sentence in social media, this is totally me!


She is such a whimper,
might crash down once a while, after that. 
she still puts everything together and treats life serious again.

throw the handle after the blade is not her style.


Doodle 24

I once transformed my youth into him
My fingers once revealed a mid-summer dream
My heart flipped as it goes.

                                         — The Wind Blows



诗 9   平生不修善果,只爱杀人放火。 忽地顿开金绳,这里扯断玉锁 钱塘江上潮信来,今日方知我是我 -鲁智深 蔡依林的怪美的一出,就说是她超越自己的一个代表。 我也好喜欢jolin, 喜欢她小时候的dream up down,  舞娘,36计, 72变,马德里不思议, 送你日不落的思恋 , 后来的 大艺术家, Play 到现在的怪美的….


book 13 当我谈跑步时,我谈些什么 2019, NJ 今天是我坚持跑步的第40 天, 每天最少0.16mile (200 米)。 小雨点问我怎么想出这么有零有整的数的? 我测了一下,我正常的速度跑两分钟就刚刚 0.16mile. 虽然自己定的小目标,到今天刚刚好跑了 41 mile。 一天一个mile. 很早就知道村上的这本关于跑步的书,也没想着读。这个星期读的时候,突然觉得好有感触,但不是那种情感泛滥的感触,是跑过的那些步带给我的。 柴姑娘 说:知道和感受到是不一样的。村上说铁人三项的我就只是读了,没有体会。但跑步的 ,多多少少我有过经历,

The Chinese Remainder Theorem

Chinese Remainder Theorem  Background Story: back in the Han dynasty, there is a  famous General Han Xin. In order to prevent the spy in the army to detect the number of his soldiers, he used an advanced Counting System (韩信点兵).  Instead off directly counting from 1 to n, he asked his soldiers to number off from 3 times. First time 1…

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