Python Little Goal 8

Python day 14 Who is the True Lucky Guy?  In Wechat red-packet game, the best luck winner usually ends up in with a negative balance, because he/she has to send out a red-packet after winning the Best Luck Red Packet. That leaves the Second best luck guy to be the true best luck overall in the game.

Python Little Goal 7

Python Little Goal 7 Today we will try to work with Python Strings&nbsp; Task1: Task2: You are given a string  and width . Your task is to wrap the string into a paragraph of width Example: String :ABCDEFGH, Max_width= 4 Output: ABCD EFGH <img src=”” title=”” alt=”” /> <a href=””>Python with String Operation</a> <a href=””>Wrap String</a> Python with String Operation s = input() #alphanumerical…


book 15 : 大秦帝国-裂变 Mar. NJ 这本书是军推荐我看的。 因该是一套, 我现在只看了这一本。我本来一开始的时候好喜欢好喜欢。 景监赢玉一开始有点像武侠小说。各种奇珍异宝,宝剑武功, 神奇老人,绝世美女。不离不弃的誓言。可是到后来真的变法的时候。明显时间轴就对不上了。 商鞅变法一共在秦孝公的时候19年。然后里面说有20多年。


Book 14: Surely You are joking Mr. Feynman 2019, NJ 很久以前 tim 就喜欢费曼。那个时候的我,too young too naive. 去年阿秋山楂也说一定要看费曼阿! 我今年就看了一下。 啊呀!我好喜欢费曼阿。 希望我有一天可以当个低配的费曼就好了!

Python Little Goal 6

Python day 12 Today we will work with the character strings in Python a little bit. 1.Swap Case  The task is to swap cases. Convert all lowercase letters to uppercase letters and vice versa.

SAS Proc Means

SAS Day 27: Proc Means We use Statistical summary to demonstrate the mean, median, max, min, Q1, Q3..  In SAS we can either use Proc Means or Proc Univariate to achieve the goals. Today we will introduce how to generate statistical summary using Proc Means. Basic Syntax: proc means data= dummy noprint; var age; /*Any continuous variable: age, weight, height*/…

Python Little Goal 5

Python Day 11   1.Average Scores When I was in college, getting up for an 8 am Quiz was always a challenge for me, some professors had the policy take the average of a missing Quiz.  Of course, Excel can do the job, since I want to be a real Data Scientist, we will learn how to find an average…

Doodle 29


Normally, i never finish a coffee, i just like the smell,
but I really like the Cloud Macchiato this weekend 🙂 


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