SAS Iris dataset Plot

SAS Day 34: Background Story: Once, in my machine learning class, the professor asked what software do we use for data science? One student answered: “SAS“. Then the professor laughed and said: “Oh dear, you must be in the wrong class, nobody uses SAS in data science industry“.

Fractal Art

R day 1: Fractal Background I am reading Godel, Escher, Bach, and recursion is one of the main topics the book discussed. Recursion is a pattern and never ends, or goes to infinite. ( EX. Bach’s Fugue, Escher’s stairs, Godel incompleteness theorem).

SAS Boxplot

SAS Day 33: Box Plot Definition: Box Plot or Whisker plot displays the distribution of 5-number summary of a dataset: minimum, maximum, q1, q3, and Median.  Interpreting quartiles: The 5-number summary approximately divides the data into 4 sections that each containing 25% of the data. Explore a little more If we want to look at the Outliers, we define the…

SAS Loess Plot

SAS Day 32: Loess Model Scatter Plot  When I was in Middle School, Sin(x) and Cos(x) are my favorite curves, because they are so predictable! Once we know the cycle and amplitude, we can solve everything about it.  However, in statistical modeling, oscillating curves are not so welcomed. Today we will introduce the Loess Plot for finding a curve of…

Bach Double Violin D Minor Rythme

Music Lesson Note 6 我喜欢杨超越,因为我真的知道不知道在哪个地方进的感觉!我还记得她组员拍她一下她就开始唱,因为我也总要别人给我很大幅度的cue . When i was in University Symphony, i always looked the principal or chair mate for the cue. Now, i dont have anybody to look around anymore, so i have to learn to Cue myself!


Book 21a  我在读 Godel, Escher, Bach. 本来有关数学,音乐的就看不懂了,结果 246 页居然又开始讲禅,菩萨的故事。 这句对话我看了,完全晕了! Tortoise: Why did Bodhidharma come from india into China (为什么佛祖要从印度向东去中国?) Achilles: That oak tree in the garden (庭前柏树子)

SAS Scatter Plot

SAS Day 31: Scatter Plot and Fancy Scatter Plot Yesterday I found an unwanted Graphics in SAS book; it has a very clean layout so i took it. I found there are many useful tips for creating SAS graphs, i would like to share with you.


book 20: 弟子规 2019 NJ 我清房间,突然看到这一小本弟子规,好像是超市送的。 好在他很短,前言的第二句就是 “子孙虽愚,经书不可不读。” 就是我爸爸说我奶奶最喜欢说的一句话。 这个册子很短,我因为本子和笔太多乐,就抄了一遍。 尽信书,不如无书。这个册子里面有我喜欢的话,但是也有我觉得不适合我的。 我觉得最受启发的是,这本书好像是收纳的鼻祖。


诗 12                            竹石 咬定青山不放松, 立根原在破岩中。 千磨万击还坚劲, 任尔东西南北风。                                      清 郑板桥   2009 我最喜欢的一首歌狮子座, 到2019 年了, 我还偶尔会唱。 那个时候我爸爸就笑我,终于有一首歌我唱不走调了,因为原唱也走调。 我周围有好多人都笑曾轶可, 观众也喊你妈妈喊你回去吃饭拉, 老师喊你考试了 。 2010 野草莓音乐节底下的观众喊狮子座,狮子座! 曾轶可会说,别喊了,我是摩羯座的类。哈哈哈…

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