Deep Work

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之前rand ford 教授就一直推荐,4hrs of straight work, you can conquer anything. 这也是70岁他一直这么做的,在他家的basement 早上七点开始到11点工作。 没有干扰,反正信号不好。

这本书有好多值得mark 的点,但从个人的preference 上我确实又没有那么喜欢他的一些观念。


我希望我有deep work ,但这个deep work 是带有温度的!是deep work makes me feel warm.

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书里说他很反对social media互相点赞,因为大家都是浪费时间,nobody truly cares, you can use the time to make your work great. 

作者看不来那些回读者留言的作者,认为不值得。只有medicore 的作者才需要维护读者的关系。

不否认他说的是对的,top 0.001%的writer, computer scientist 就是不会在乎读者的,因为他们的书足够好,一定有人会读。 就像heifiz 虽然很凶,但大家都会听他的演奏。

但当我想重新学琴,想在data science 里有小小作为的时候,我想当一个 top 10%的小小厉害的人,也正是那些朋友的支持和陌生人的鼓励的comments, 让我一点点变得自信,相信自己,我是被那些温暖的comments推着走到了kaggle master 的。 我没有办法说 leaving comment is a waste of time.

Education is people influence people. 我当然也知道大家的点赞也是互相的,有人给我留言,我也会去看看他们的work ,我也能从别人的work 里学很多新的idea.


integrate the deep work style works for you!

我就是想要有温度的深度学习!Education is people influence people.


Spark Lines:

If you don’t produce, you won’t thrive—no matter how skilled or talented you are.

Who you are, what you think, feel, and do, what you love—is the sum of what you focus on.

1. The ability to quickly master hard things. 2. The ability to produce at an elite level, in terms of both quality and speed

Develop the habit of letting small bad things happen. If you don’t, you’ll never find time for the life-changing big things.

 think like artists but work like accountants.

Your goal is not to stick to a given schedule at all costs; it’s instead to maintain, at all times, a thoughtful say in what you’re doing with your time going forward

try to say ‘yes’ to the subject that arouses a terrifying longing, and let the terrifying longing crowd out everything else.


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