Write Your Dissertation In 15 Minutes a Day

book 1,

Dr.Jia 推荐的书,他寄过来的,好久没有读的纸质书了。就在这个点收到这本书感觉是个sign ! the sign 能成为博士!

其实就是一个点, 想想成为博士的那天,和如果没有博士的对我们的影响。 如果you can live without a Ph.D, 以后也不是个大事,那就无所谓。因为本来Ph.D 也不是个安慰奖, 不是人人都需要的。但如果真的要这个degree 那就 start writing !!!! even it is trash!

其实写作/习惯/科研/练琴任何一个需要deep work 才能出成果的事都是大同小异的, fixed time frame, a clear mind, intense focus, and concentrated work, no dessert after running. 真的就是这几点!

里面有个点其实有点paradox, 就是觉得自己坚持不下去的时候要reach for help, talk to friends or find supports. 但又说,如果别人找你, clearly so no, tell them you don’t have time for their business now. 哈哈哈哈哈

人都是慕强的,就好像电视里明星如果有什么苦楚,多累,大多数的我们会听,会关心,但如果是周围的人老说加班累什么的,可能我们也没那么多时间听。 还是要自己变强大,可以偶尔reach out ,但真的不能use too often! 特别谢谢 跨越北大西洋34 组的小伙伴们!就虽然都不认识,但我确实能感受到他们真心advice, it is ok to take a reset day !


1.positive reinforcement: 就真的要给自己鼓励,pep talk,就像我们交动物什么技能都是奖励他treat, 为什么要hard on ourselves!

  1. Done is better than perfect: 我最近有和小朋友一起做project, submission 的都不perfect, even 我自己最近录的视频,包括那天zoom concert 伴奏断网made a mess. but the thing is the mess up is not that messed up once i finished it !!!

最后那部分我就没太看了,因为确实out of date 了, 在讨论用笔写还是电脑, 磁盘要是不够内存,怎么发表,怎么出书

  • 我赶快买了个2tb的 icould, 现在有medium, kaggle, and any website can publish 🙂

其实这本书和 bird by bird, deep work, mindset, a mind of numbers, eat the frog, getting things done, zen to done 都异曲同工的地方!

就是 start to work !!!!

Renee 5: reset day 看开端真的是reset ! 哈哈哈哈!

Spark Lines:

You can take time at this point to speculate about how it will feel to have done this work, to own a doctor you may even want to consider seriously how you would feel what might happen if you were chose to not to write a dissertation.

Find the process that works best for you.

Positive reinforcement works much better.

Do some work on your thesis everyday even it’s for 15mins.

you own this dissertation

Living well is the best revenge

Even without a good mentor, you can still write a fine dissertation survive and proper professionally.

writing is essentially as an act of courage.

a thesis support group that works well can offer you important gifts!

if you’re facing major revision, you’ve probably done something right.

Try reducing each paragraph of a chapter to one sentence.

the saddest rule of edit: less is more.

Delete any word that isn’t necessary particularly adjectives, and you will strengthen your point.

go for elegant simplicity.

use your ears/use your eyes/ use your breath

  • practice scales?

revising means rethinking and rewriting again and again and again.

you cant quit just because xxxx

Just as its ok to be scared, its ok to be tired or bored. just as long as you keep working anyway.

the best dissertation is a done dissertation

Every major life change destroys the equilibrium of our lives, and leaves behind a portion of old self.

be proud of yourself!

No one ever gets a doctor as a gift, nor a door prize, You’ve earned it.

if you choose your topic wholeheartly the writing process can be a wonderful opportunity for pleasure. if you don’t, it is still possible to produc a good piece of work, and you may even surprise yourself and enjoy parts of the process.

You follow your curiosity, and if you’re lucky, your passion!

(I am )

Behavorial principal, train a puppy rewarding or beating?

Positive reinforcement: rewarding ourselves each step of the way as we accomplish a series of small goals on the way to achieve the large one

write it down

most important is that you finish the chapter and give yourself cause for celebration rather than disappointment

pay close attention to who you are.

remember that you were the one who set these goals, and you did it for a reason.

selfishness, vow to take extra good care of yourself.

if your body is showing signs of emotional stress, dont try to get through this time of crisis along.

don’t waste your time indulging in wishful thinking in the “if only”.

promise yourself you can do any or all of them as soon as you’ve finished your set number of pages for the day.

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