A Mind for Numbers

book 14

这本书读了/听了好久!就一直没看完,前两天看deep learning revolution, 那本书的作者说他和barbara 玩的好, 搞了个learn how to learn. 就赶快回来重新听一下,今天终于把他听完了,我记得刚刚听的时候,就想,如果我早点看到这本书,我就能把博士读完了。然后书里的听众,和听众的朋友都是这么说的, “I wish I know this book earlier .” Everyone has a second chance, right? 现在我又回来读书了,就再听一遍! 希望能梦想成真, 前程似锦!Diffuse mode , right ?

I am not good at ….


Isn’t “getting good at sth” the whole point of education?



Focus Mode vs Diffuse Mode: big-picture, or focused mode and detail-oriented, or diffuse thinking to get good at math and science

  1. ✅ Test / Quiz : valuable + important learning experiences
  2. ✅ Six Task per Day
  3. ✅ Focus on the process: for next 15min ill work on this math assignment 
    25 min x 3 is enough
  4. ✅ Focus, Recall, test , chunking problems, space out repetition, mix up different times,  rest, explain to others, eat the Frog 🐸, Dream☘️

✅ Memorization, Persistence, Focus, Metaphor, Study Group, we need to integrate them!

❌ understanding answer is different from knowing       to to do it

❌ Studying session -> chatting session

❌ Constant distraction

❌ Repetition mindless reading

她说的❌ 我全中过!….

想想也不敢苟同,不过如果有人试过的也告诉我 it actually works.


Don’t fool yourself, you are the easiest to fool.

无效练习… 昨天听了这本书,开metronome 了。

Protect your routine, eventually it will protect you.
(cue, routine, reward, belief)

Merely glancing at the solution to a problem and thinking you truly know it yourself is one of the most common illusions of competence in learning.

The dread of doing a task uses up more time and energy than doing a task itself.

Lady Luck favors the one who tries.
Work creates talent


Get good at it ! 简单有力!还有就要ready for criticism, criticism makes us better!

Happy Reading!

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