Eat that Frog

book 10

哎, 年底赶进度就找一些好读又打鸡血的书读。

很喜欢榛子的一个concept : 你可以不按schedule 来,但不能没有 schedule ,因为一旦没有schedule 就什么都做不成了。



eat that frog, 成事,奇特的时间记录,无一例外。
就我自己回想一下有大概10年的时间,我都不知道我要成什么事,吃哪只青蛙🐸,记录关于什么的时间? 10000小时定律用在哪里?

很多人value 自律,但自律只是显像🧬, 最重要的是内在的driving force, 是他们的ambition。

所以光说自律是没有意义的,就像每次出去玩就算是早上5点的起床我都不觉得困难,因为我心里有driving force. 所以还是要找到自己的ambition, and proudly say it out.

所以我决定不再等别人来push 我,来inspire 我, 来催我交作业了。
我要先找到属于我自己那只青蛙 ,然后再去吃!

2022 的三个青蛙

  1. 生活:跑365 mile , learn split, back wheel

  2. 工作+学习: submit 4 conference/papers, 1 course lectures, H.Catalyst study notes

  3. 家庭:和爸爸妈妈旅游2+次, 和好朋友见面/talk 10+次 , 找到我的🐸王子 ! ❤️ 


Sparkling Lines:

The world is full of people who are waiting for someone to come along and motivate them to be the kind of people they wish they could be. The problem is that no one is coming to the rescue. These people are waiting for a bus on a street where no buses pass.

Work Selection Method:

大多数职场工作的时候事,想一下,按这个顺序排序做, 虽然显得有些精致的利己主义…

但生活里对家庭,朋友,或者当志愿者这些scenario 就不apply阿。

A: 极度利己 (only me, must be me) 自己领头的research/study

B: 利己>=利人,有的时候可以合作,collaboration

C: 利人>利己, Support a section of other people’s work 

D: 可有可无,      Lunch gathering 

E: Eliminate !    Gossip  

 10 Principal work Summary + my interpretation:

  1. Decide/Find your Frogs @_@ (crystal clear about the goals)
  2. Everyday planning (doesnt have to follow, but must plan)
  3. 80/20 Rule or pareto principle (Focus on the 20% input produce 80% output)
    * 我拉琴节奏就是那20% accuracy will bring me 80% improvement
  4. Consequences +, –
  5. Procastinate the low value things (推迟看电视剧, drama)
  6. 3-3-3(三个category 三生万物的感觉)
  7. Key skills (要找到安生立命的本领,strengthen it)
  8. Pressure on myself
  9. Focuse Attention + Single Action : Solution over problems
  10. 3 hours efficient working  hour -> 4.5 hours planned time

This habit is learnable, I will make it, you will make it, we will find our frogs and eat them!

想吃牛蛙腿了, 跳跳蛙真的很好吃!

Happy Reading



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