book 4 Change  改变

作者是怎么把 Group Theory, Logic Theory, Calculus, and Game Theory 都融和在一起了说改变的!对于改变这个视角太蹊径了!他表达改变有两层这个观点,第一层就是 Group theory, 因为元素是closed under operation, 不管怎么变,也不能在出点新花样。第二层的改变是Logic 的,是现在的元素表达不了所有的set,有点像godel 的incompleteness thorem. 就像二阶导数加速度不变,那速度就不会变。 不能老在速度上纠结,要去work on 加速度。

这本书我读的有点吃力,但大多数还是make sense 的。

我觉得这个second order change 真的是让我思路开阔很多。我最近一直在改拉琴左右手小拇指的形状,我一直有点塌,速度一快就拉不动。但其实要改的不是我小拇指的形状,或者说小拇指的改变是一层改变,但重要的是我的左手手肘网内送,大拇指往中指移,还有就是蝴蝶骨^_^发力, 这样才能让小拇指改变形状。 work outside of the box 一样!

还有就是motion vs attitude, 男生总以为是那个行为又惹女生生气了,但好多时候女生生气的是态度。所以男生送热水然后说我又做错什么了是没有问想喝什么奶茶又真的关心陪伴有用的。 哈哈

Sparkling Lines

Group theory & Theory of Logic

a solution is attempted by denying that problem is a problem.

1st-2nd level Change (cemand changes from attitude and are not content with changes of behavior)

Be spontaneous -paradox

the theoretical basis of our choices and actions

sdtori: force the mind out of quantum jump the trap of assertion and denial

classes are exhausive collections of entities which have spefific characteristics common to all of them

reframing means changing the emphasis from one class membership of an object to another

classes are exhausive collections of entities which have specific characteristics common to all of them

classes are formed not only on the basis of the physical properties of objects, but especially on the strength of meaning and value for us.

it takes a creative mind to spot wrong question(pseduo problems)

  1. a clear definition of the problem in concrete terms
  2. an investigation of solutions attempted so far
  3. a clear definition of concrete changes to be achieved
  4. the formulation and implementation of a plan to produce the change

concrete, reachable goals produces a postive rosenthal effect

seeking right question and thus defining the goal in concrete terms, we also attempt to set a time limit to the process of changes

time-limited course of treatment increases the chance of success

benevolent sabotage

give too much attention to others, beginning to question her own worth

this was the crucial difference for him, bad as it might be, it was, after all the outcome of an excurciating amount of honest hark work

Change can be implemented effectively by focusing on minimal, concrete goals going slowly, and step by step.

总而言之就是改变从现在开始,right here, right now.

Happy reading!

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