ADPSATA: Prior Systemic Anti-Cancer Therapy Dataset


Systemic Anti-Cancer therapy is a collective to describe the treatment of cancer in conjunction with different categories therapies such as: Surgical Therapies, Radiation Therapy, Stem Cell Transplants, Other Anti-Cancer Therapy.  The ADPSATA: Prior systemic Anti-cancer Therapy dataset presented a key overview of patients’ prior systemic therapy treatments, which may lead to different efficacy endpoint for patients’ current treatments. 


Regimen: Conventionally it is identify a standard or trial group of drugs given a specific way and may include other instruction concerning the timing and parameters of treatment.  Subjects received the same regimen multiple times will only be counted once. 

Preferred drug name are based on WHO DRUG dictionary.

ADPSATA: Primary Prior Systemic Anti-cancer Therapy dataset

Source info: CHEMO Regimen Sheet WHO DRUG dictionary, ADSL, raw.priors

Key variables: 

*Key variables;
subjid:  405
studyid: INTO1
PAGENAME:Prior Systemic Anti-Cancer Therapies for this Disease
PASTDT: Start Date
PATRESN:  Best overall response
PN: Preferred Drug name
REG_RN: Regimen combo classificaion from Medical Library - Medication Details
REG_SEQ: Regimen # from Medical Library
COMBO: Regimen combo classification from Medical Library

Sample Output:


Definitions for the SACT dataset final 03_11_10.

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