Machine Learning for Predictive Data Analytics1

Data Science Day 26

When I was cleaning my home, I found a brand new book of Fundamentals of Machine Learning for Predictive Data Analytics.  Therefore I decided to read the book and share some exercise problems.

Chapter 1. Machine Learning for Predictive Data Analytics

  1. What is predictive data analytics?

    Predictive data analytics is a subfield of data analytics that focuses on building and using models that make predictions based on insights/patterns extracted from historical data. To build these models, we use machine learning algorithms to extract patterns from datasets.

  • Price Prediction: hotel chains, airlines, or online retailers
  • Dosage Prediction: how much dose for treatment
  • Risk Assessment: Loan/ Insurance policy
  • Propensity Modeling: Future customers action
  • Diagnosis: doctor, engineer, and scientists make decisions 
  • Document Classification: automatically filtering spam, sentiment analysis

    2. What is supervised machine learning

              Supervised machine learning automatically learn the relationship between a set of descriptive                features and a target feature from a set of historical instances.
              We use Supervised machine learning to build models that can make predictions based on                         patterns extracted from historical data.

               Historical Data(Training set)-> Prediction Model (Machine Learning Algorithm)-> Prediction

          3. Machine Learning is often referred to as an ill-posed Problem. What does this mean?

                If there is not enough information in the training data to choose a single best model then the inductive machine learning is referred to as an ill-posed problem. Machine Learning algorithms essentially search through all the possible patterns that exists between a set of descriptive features and a target feature to find the best model for the training data. It is possible to find multiple models that are consistent with a certain training set. 






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