Discipline Equals Freedom

book 18

I really love this book,

is there a secret ?

有, 就是自律,早起,练琴!


很多年前dalai lama 来我们学校演讲。

我记得他说, i eat when i eat, i sleep when i sleep, 当时我当笑话听的。

it is your life your problem, i cant decide it for you 

Here and Now

discipline your body, free your mind

get up early and go

you will become the person you want to be through one small decidsion at a time

how can i stop eating sugar?
stope eating sugar

sugar truly is addictive.

Get off the sugar train, stop eating sugar.
stay clean

80/20 ->99/1

weakness, laziness, sadness, frustration, negativity doesnt get a vote. discipline,power, positivity will

A person’s strength is often their biggest weakness.

some days i win, but some days i dont. but each and everyday, i get up and i move forward.

to dig a little dipper, to push a little harder.

discipline starts waking up early

it is the will to win, you will win.

dont let nature or nurture make you, choose make yourself.

hold the line

don’t take today off

procrastination : take a break.

embed the long term goal into your mind.

however small or insignificant that step might seem, take it. do it.

draw fire

because our spirit will never surrender.

didnt get prompted? good, more time to get better.

I will become what/who i want to be 

i am going to try to be the best that i can be

my glory happens where i try & i try & i try again.

hold the line.

step go. 

be aggressive, take action, now

bad comments: ignore & outperform

grow & learn. develop & live

you must stress the body and mind some in order to improve.

excercise doesnt need to be complex, but it needs to be something, anything.

Just get start, the rest will come.

Avoid Danger

If you sense something is going wrong, proactively move away from it. don’t wait for things to get worse.

do what you can, do something.



happy reading!

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