Learn python the hard way

book 13

  • NJ , July

这也是去年在harrisburg 的时候雯推荐我读的书。
比如自己写的诗可能发表不了,就放在print 里,让大家都能看到他的诗。 哈哈。
还有可能有人说他是nerd,他当时没发作,就在书里diss 那些人还要押个韵。

还有我很喜欢作者的一些劝学的论点,比如,just sit down, and work。

他觉得coding 很 cool, 因为coding 有参与感,有反馈和变化,可以交流一样。
不同于看电视,只能是one way function, 电影公司拍什么就要看什么。
但现在到处都是电影的时候,其实很少有人会一直enjoy 看电影的。
虽然别人的人生和我们无关, 但投票的那一刹那,会觉得自己对另一个人也很重要。

p.s. 我看的这版是老板,很多在jupyter lab 用不了。
不过终于把def, class, 搞明白了 🙂

Spark Lines

why does this not make sense to me?
It’s weird, but talking about yourself will make it seem more real.

when you make mistakes write down on a piece of paper what kind of mistake you made.

There is no failure, only trying.

It’s important when you are doing a boring, mindless memorization exercise like this to know why it helps you focus on a goal and know the purpose of your effort.

Just start a small version make it bigger, keep a list of things to do, and do them one at a time.

Dont worry if you have no idea how, just give it a try.

break it, trash it, thrash it,you cant hurt.

write or draw about the problem, extract keys, create a class hierchy and concrete map, code the class and test run.

Repeat and Refine.

Enjoy this is really fun stuff.

Movies flow to the auidence in one direction.

You cant code, they can not,  that is pretty cool.

you will be memorizing thing.

tell yourself you will do it, just sit down and do it.

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