book 8: essentialism

i read this book back in Feb, didn’t write the summarization until today. I almost forgot about it, until recently, i have been working in my home. At the beginning, i had an amazing schedule about doing work, yoga, practice violin… then i found out, i barely got any of these done. Even sadder, i did less than i normally would have done.

So i figure it is necessary to re-visit what i and learned and Execute!

During this special coronavirus time, i think it is not my emotional but my work defines who I am.

I have the right to feel sad about a conversation with a classmate, i can be sorrowful about a guy, however, that’s not the end if i can learn something from the experience, or turn the experiences into a different form. Maybe make a funny sarcasm doodle, record a nice song.  How do i get the inspirations? Read more! Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less eBook ...

Sparkle Lines:


priority in English was a singular for 500 years.

explore and evaluate

we can’t have it all or do it all

less but better!

to master it fully will require a massive shift in thinking, but it can be done.

we can try to avoid reality of trade off, but we can’t escape them.

there is no solution, there’s only trade off.

a consistent set of choices.

what can i go big on

without great solitude no serious work is possible

create space to escape and explore life

I didn’t always achieve it, but the discipline made a big difference

you  will find yourself waiting on sidelines until it is time to shine.

As these ideas become emotionally true, they take on power to change you

don’t diffuse efforts with distractions

mind tunes into what’s important right now

Design a routine (It’s just my routine) Designing Life, essentially


No is a complete sentence
The power of a graceful “No”

edit: elimation of the trivial, unimportant events

courage, focus, discipline

Pause before you speak

Zero- Baseline budget 


the main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing

is this exactly what i was looking for?

practice more, and get more out of the practice.

the best violinists slep an average 8.6 hours in every 24hr period

hear what is not being said

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