SAS Proc Format

SAS day 54

We know Format is a common function to convert date in SAS, such as, format aestdt date9. .
What about Proc Format? When and how should we use it?


Case 1: Numeric to Character Presentation

When data are coded in numerical, we would like to display it in characters in Frequency tables.



Proc Format; 
INVALUE sexfmt 1=1 2=2; 
VALUE sexfmt 2='Male' 1='Female';run;

proc freq data=adsl order=formatted;
tables sexn/out=a; 
format sexn sexfmt.; 



Case 2: Character to Character Presentation

When data is in character, but we want to display it in a different way of naming/ order in the Frequency table.


Note: we need to use $ to format character values

proc format; value $cf "FRANCE"="FRA" "GERMANY"="GER" "ITALY"="ITA"; run;

proc freq data=co;
tables country/out=q;
format country $cf.; 



Alternative Solution:

we can always use if…then… clause to change the output format name.

Happy Studying!

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