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SAS Day 52

Once I use SAS proc import  a Special Adverse Event dataset, everything looks good, except the variable name was directly from excel and has space and special characters like “/” (EOI/ Search) 

Little Challenge: How to Rename a variable with space or special characters?

Basic Rename Syntax:

*1. within dataset
data a;
set a;
rename old_name=new_name;

*2. on the first line;
data a(rename=old_name=new_name);
set a;

Although this approach works majority of the time, it won’t work with the special characters or there are spaces in the variable name.


Advanced Rename Syntax with Special Characters:

data a;
set a;
rename "old name"n= new_name;


data sm;
set sm;
rename 'eoi/search strategy'n=eoi_search;
rename 'MedDRA Code'n=medra;
rename  'MedDRA PT'n=pt;



Happy Studying!

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