Yoga Mediation

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We went to the Bobal Park in San Diego, there was a stand given out free meditation books. I picked a very small mediation book to read. 
Some of the concepts i think it’s a little too much for my state, such as view pebble, stone and gold as the same thing. Going to live in a secluded place and practice. I just want to get married and have a family, so i m going to give this book away. However, there are still some ideas worth me pay more attention to. 


Sparkle Lines:

The sum and substance of the yoga system is to control the agitated mind.

se find that people sit cross-legged and very straight, then close their eyes to meditate, and so fifty percent of them go to sleep

hahaha, i m one of the sleeping ones


If, through yoga, the mind can be trained, then the mind is our friend

The dualities, nor can i understand what happiness is unless i have tasted misery.

The knowledge must be demonstrated

I was listening to a music theory class online, the professor said, there is nothing hard about the basic theories, but it is practice makes the difference.

so happy meditating!

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