Unfinished Business

book 47

  • 2018.Dec.Nj

yue 是我们高中的标杆,也一直是标杆。我和她没有真正同学过,因为她在实验班,后来又读mit。 但是我觉得我门是朋友欸,因为一起去旅行过,真的是在bio bay 生死相随,去和她一起参加免费午餐的活动,听她讲吴英的案件,她告诉我用维族和藏族名字随机发邮件的实验,鼓励我跑步+solidcore,后来一直有断断续续的联系。她总是给我介绍很高级的书,往往都没读下去。特别有意思的是有一回,我门刚好都读了北京法源寺,我当时想,谭嗣同和王五真的玩的好好。然后她说,你看,日本和中国的区别就是从没有君主立宪开始的!我顿时就知道被降维打击是什么意思,哈哈哈…今年她说unfinished work 不错。终于有一本我能看下去的书了!

yue 发过一篇文章关于“身为一流学府,浙江大学应该沉默吗”就是关于女性在学术圈的权利的。这本unfinished work 也是讨论关于女性要怎么平衡工作和家庭的。

我好喜欢一个point 就是,don’t drop out,defer, 不要退出,推迟。读不了全职博士,那就读part time 的,但是不要放弃啊,因为一旦放弃了,就很难再回来了。而且真的要有自己的identity, 工作是一个很好的找寻自己身份的出口。

读书的时候有个概念叫 群,ring. 我觉得是个很浪漫的概念,因为也可以想成戒指💍。 
我总想找到一个ring ,是commutative, 有identity, 有 inverse。
那天l 说他觉得人就是,合就在一起,不和就散。可是,真正要维护一段关系,应该没有那么简单吧。

Spark Lines:

Family is the foundation of our flourishing

a determination that I be able to support myself if need be.

She insisted her spine never touch the back of a chair when she sat


Often i have tried to imagine myself in a difficult situation, asking myself how on earth I was going to get out of it, and never would I think that I could not resolve the problem or get out of the plight I  would be in


iron determination

if i can’t get to everything, what is most important

Don’t drop out, Defer


learn a foreign language and live abroad, build a social enterprise, or devote yourself full-time to a hobby you are passionate about. These broader life ambitions are just as important as your career ambitions; it’s up to you to figure out how to combine them.

Plans are worthless, but planning is everything

perfect excuse to buy planners! dotted notebook!

Turning the spotlight on ourselves

You have to focus on what is important while you can

It is also looking at yourself clearly enough to see whether  your actions help or hinder the growth of the person or idea you care for.

Valuing care now is in our own self-interest

Countless women have described the ways that they became invisible the minute they left paid work to take care of their children or other family members.

Nobody. if not more essential to the survival of the human race as earning an income, you lose your very identity as a person of value


Danish: hygge: being and thriving in the moment


28 productive hours in 5 days. 6 productive hours per day

2020 小目标,每天6个小时productive work

life,liberty and the pursuit of happiness

it is a man’s job to provide, and a woman’s too. Both are responsible for providing the combination of income and nurture that allows those who depend on them to flourish


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