The new Silk Road

Book 46: the silk roads, a new history of the world

I borrowed this book from the library in order to know the silk road better, however, this book is dramatically too dense for me to read.

Somehow it has the Black death, Huawei and the cold war in there ! I ended up just flip the pages in the end. Only when it talks about Dunhuang or Sophia Haiga, suddenly the text was meaningful and 3D to me. I guess that’s the purpose of traveling!

I like one of the ideas: the silk road is not a one way function, it has an inverse! Not only China/East countries influenced western countries, but also we learned from the West! 

Mindful inspirations from reading/flipping this book: Modeling is important! + Travel as much as I can + Make a lot of money! 

Sparkling Lines:

golden basin filled with scorpions

silk was simply a cipher for exoticism and eroticism.

A woman could not honestly say she was not naked when she was wearing silk

carried over the oceans of sufferings

pearls, crystal, gold, silver, lapis lazuli, coral, diamonds and emeralds

When we think of the Silk Roads, it is tempting to think of the circulation always passing from east to west. In fact, there was considerable interest and exchange passing in the other direction.

produces fire-proof cloth, life-restoring incense, bright moon-pearls, and night-lustre gems.

how is a pulse of someone who suffers from anxiety?
-slight, weak and irregular

1000 years ago, money could not buy love, but it could help you get what you wanted

statistical modelling based on these results even suggestes that one of the effects of the plague was a substantial improvement in life expectancy. London’s polst-plague population was considerably healthier than it had been before the Black Death struck- raising life expectancy sharply.

La Peregrina- pilgrim pearl

some pearls as large as hazelnuts, very clear and beautiful

Happy Reading!

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