The adventures on the ancient Silk Road

Book 45

去敦煌之前准备做好功课在图书馆借的,但是一直拖到现在才看完!这里讲了玄奘,成吉思汗和马可波罗的3个小故事。也是学到好多知识的,比如丝绸之路上大家都会尽量找有水的地方, 所以我门的丝绸之路由敦煌分开有南路和北路然后在 喀什会和 就是为了避免塔克拉玛干的中心地带。

书里有好多关于天山,新疆的描写! next travel destination!



Spark Lines:

the Khan’s people would return to mark this route and once again make travel easier for Silk Road merchants, who often went great distances out of their way to avoid the desert


in the silk road lands, the presence of our three heroes lingers. here and there are echoes of Xuanzang, Genghis Khan, and Marco Polo: a pilgrim, a warrior, and a merchangt who were willing to brave any danger to fulfill their dreams

happy reading!

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