National Gallery of Art -Contemporary wings


When i was in Boston, there was a room full of Mark Rothko, his works presented by pure black or red canvas, i didn’t understand his art at the beginning. Yohan said to focus on the details then i found the different layers of green or red. This time in the National Gallery of Art, i was a piece of his earlier work and later his symbolic work. I suddenly felt it was me! He showed the ability to transform. When I was in DC in 2015, my life was a mess,  like the first piece of art. This time when i go back, i feel like i finally able to pull the broken of pieces me together and make it a whole new simple me, like the second art of minimalism.



later, i got a fortune cookie, “if you look into the past, soon you will go back to the past. ”

So, that’s the wrap up of my old journey, now i m living in the moment and looking forward!

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