Quinquagenarius and still playing

The children orchestra society

  • Carnegie Hall, New York City 
  • — overture to the barber of seville (Rossini)
  • — quinquagenarius and still playing
  • — Scottish Fantasy for violin & Orchestra. Op.46

I went to the Young Symphonic Ensemble because I want to see Ray Chen.  

I was extremely astonished by the scale of the orchestra when I arrived; it is the largest orchestra I have ever seen in my life.
The stage was literally packed!


The conductor gave a brief speech that they why they included as many youth members to participate as possible. Because he believes, better kids are going to be better adults, and better adults going to build a better country and music is a great way to shape better kids. 

There were a couple of kids are only 5 years old.  I really admire the idea to encourage the kids to “participate” rather than “compete” in western culture.  This program really demonstrates “No child left behind“.  

The conductor said he evident many musical kids grow up being successful musicians whereas other kids chose different career paths. The program, after all, is “Quinquagenarius and still playing” (Fifty years and still playing)! 

I was tremendously inspired by this special orchestra set up and the idea behind it, and I wish there is one day I can say “Fifty years and still playing !”

Finally, Ray Chen is really attractive and shine the whole stage when he plays!

Almost like he is dancing hip-hop! Ray Chen is the Violin b-boy!


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