Zen and the way of faking it

Book 22

Zen and the way of taking it

2017, NJ.

我清笔记本的时候发现这个摘抄的。 当时还去图书馆借书。 
好久没有去图书管了, 要像美美小朋友学习,每个星期去图书管!

这本书好像是一个teenager 一开始为了吸引女孩子目光,装的很酷。但是后来真的很酷的书。

我记得我原来的老板henry, 总说, you have to believe you can do it! fake it until you make it!


When the way comes to an end then change, having changed you pass through


If you understand things are just as they are, if you dont understand, things are just as they are


Senile, cubic , zinoniums, haiku abject despair now


All that matters right now is what you do right now

这个好好! 我总想可以回到过去从新来过就好了

i forget about my breathing, i forget about forgetting about my breathing


experts sometimes defeat themselves by thinking too much


when the actions have become totally instinctive the student become a master


to getting rid of preconceptions and seeing everything as through you are seeing it first time 


in order to become a true master of anything you have to repeat it over and over again, with precisely connect form, eventually if you truely get the form down to the point where you are totally unconscious of what you are doing you will be a master


dont seek to follow in the footsteps of the masters, seek what they strength, you need to find your own way in the world 

张老板的,你要mix and match 找到自己想要的东西

parents can only give good advice or put them on the right path, but the final form of a person’s character lies in their own hands


bitterness was not the way to enlightenment the sun is up


dont look like you are trying, the best actors never look like they are trying


euphrates, unitarrars , ventriloquit


if a man doesnt keep pace with his companies, perhaps it is because he hears a different drum, let him step to the music he hears, however measured or far away

我还是在乎别人的目光,还是不想left out, 但是再也不怕了!

gardening: peppermint, spearmint, oregano, basil, sage, stevia, lemon balm, tarragon, thyme, rosemary



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