Museo de national – bogota


This time, i did not take a long time in this museum because i was really hungry, there are a couple of paints i thought they spoke to me.

  1. I like the short hair lady, because it feels very oriental 


2.  Such an awkward painting, because the white lady’s feature is too strong for my taste!



  1. A little bit like Aztec? 


  1. I just like the brilliant colors



  1. Gold mask 金缕玉衣吗?


  1. Bolivar 将军 !第一个battle 西班牙的


8.  Feels Yoga or Indian


  1. 我看的第一眼就是 崔健的假行僧!


  1. Very scary painting, the eyes are quite hallow


  1. the exact colombian in my mind


  1. Many Botero



水果里面几条虫子最可怕? 半条,因为吃了半条



就是喜欢这个颜色! 很治愈


I saw many painting of kandinsky in MOMA 



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