Last weekend, 77 and I went to MOMA, of course, there are Monet, van Gogh, Pollock, and all the famous impressionists.

But i feel like these 4 paintings brought me personal sensations and attachment other than “famous” painting so it must be good!


  1. This painting is from Uruguay,  but i feel it is inner Mongolian style , 腾格尔的父亲母亲的河  



2. This painting is 77 named it “细看极恐”,I like the intensity of the color,  but if you look closely, 
the painting consists of all the skulls baby, blood vines, foot, ugly creature…



3.  i thought this looks like 傣族舞, 金孔雀, 77 said ,这不是葫芦娃里的蛇精吗 ? 哈哈哈…



4.  I am very proud when I see the chinese element in foreign paintings 


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