SAS Retain 1

SAS Day 35 

Once, I supposed to generate an Overall Response dataset including Label(lbl), patients with escalation(esc_y), patients without escalation(esc_n), and total patient(all) . Most of the time, the following dataset is sufficient for the purpose, however, the request was special, we have a tiny challenge.

Challenge :

so we need the dataset to be in exact order:
label, escalation yes, escalation no, all, order

anaterate / Pixabay

Solution Code:

Key statement: Retain 

data t;
retain lbl esc_y esc_n all ord;
set all; 
keep esc_y lbl esc_n all ord;


Final Output:


Note:the request was really late, thanks very much to Cindy to share the Retain trick with me! so i can update it in 2 mins and go to my YOGA Class!

Happy Practicing!


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