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Music Lesson Note 7 

James and I suppose to play the Bach D Minor together once for rehearsal, then there is a note D I missed, so  I stopped.

James said, in practice, we stop to fix the mistakes,

in performance, WE DON’T STOP regardless of the circumstances.

I recalled many years ago, Yuki, told me the similar thing, she said

“It is Ok you played a note wrong, nobody going to notice it anyway, but YOU HAVE TO KEEP GOING! ” 

geralt / Pixabay

我这两年基本上把所有的选秀节目都看完了,王源, 潘玮柏,pg one, 孟慧圆都忘过词, 但是他们可能以free style, 表演或者其他的形式把整个歌曲唱完了。 vitto 没有,他忘记就没有圆回去了,所以后来他一直有点不安心表演一样。

就像安西教练说的,现在停下,比赛就结束了 。

我曾经在知乎里看过一个问题,说一首烂牌要怎么打? 其中有一个答案我记得,说把牌都出完了,就是好打法。

two set violin 分享了土豆网上的一个gypsy air 的视频,那个演奏者看着没有受过专业的训练,但是,他把谱子全部背下来,而且拉完了整个流浪者! 

是啊 ,节奏,音准,表达是肯定重要的,但bottom line把曲子完整的表演完,就是好表演!


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