Bach Double Violin D Minor Rythme

Music Lesson Note 6

我喜欢杨超越,因为我真的知道不知道在哪个地方进的感觉!我还记得她组员拍她一下她就开始唱,因为我也总要别人给我很大幅度的cue .

When i was in University Symphony, i always looked the principal or chair mate for the cue.
Now, i dont have anybody to look around anymore, so i have to learn to Cue myself!

So last week, after missing the entrance for the 5th time. James finally gave up and said, why don’t we just start from your part. (I blame Bach for writing the first violin part after the second violin!)


I did well until the long notes came in, then, of course, i got anxious and lost in count….!

Then james told me, it is good i practiced my part in details, but sometimes, we need to look at the big picture and listen to other parts. If i have spent some time to go over the full score, i will notice that this piece is covered by 1/8th notes 90% of the time.  This is a very useful trick, instead of getting nervous in counting nine 1/8th notes, the second violin will count the notes for me!

1/8th notes are the foundation brick of Bach Double Violin in D minor, Second and First violin are passing around those 1/8th notes!


I guess that’s an example of Smart Practicing!

Happy Practicing!🗝 

Maybe because Akiko wore a dark blue/purple dress in the performance, I think the base color of this piece is dark blue purple-ish!


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