SAS Row Sum

SAS day 30: Row Sum

In a statistical report, Total Columns and Total Rows are very useful to show the integrity of the data. This raises the question, how do we generate the Total Column or the Total Row?

We know the SUM function (sum(., c1-cn)) or Proc SQL SUM are great ways to produce the Column Sum. Today we will discuss what is a good way to generate the Row Sum?


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Sample Dataset:


Desired Output:


Sample SAS Code:

key point: end=last, _ct+count

data want;
set a end=last;
if last then do;
drop _ct;

Alternative Solution: Proc SQL, but we need to transpose the dataset, so that’s extra work.

Now we know how to generate the Row Output, we can have a cup of flower tea and have a rest! 🍹

Happy Studying! 🍄

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