Book 16: Mindset

2019, NJ

这本书是筱舞2018 年推荐我看的, 终于在上个星期看完了。 我觉得就是中了101次 fixed mindset 的枪啊!
她很认真眨着两个大眼睛的回答我, 你是不是对我有什么误解啊 ,我今天的成绩都是努力得来的。
当时我觉得好好笑。 后来看工作得时候她真的就是加班到凌晨3点的那两个人 ,就觉得她没有骗我。
努力是真的make a difference 的。

我原来看过 marva collins 的书,超级喜欢。 这本书里也提了。
Dorothy DeLay 就是提琴界的圣母,这本书里也一直在说她的教学方法,
刚好,我在费城听音乐会的时候读到这个。 有一种宿命的感觉。

还有游泳女神过古巴海峡的第一人, diana Nyad. 我记得看她一个采访的时候,
她好sharp, 不温柔。 她说,让那些所谓的评论家去说吧,动一动嘴是多么容易的事情。

shakespeare was born 1564 and died in 1616

她没有说哪一种思维模式好, growth mindset vs fixed mindset. 她只是给我一个选择。
只要我想我可以试一试growth mindset! 




Only their continued mountain and commitment, along with their network of support, took them to the top

What do i have to do to maintain and continue the growth?

就是有一种打江山难,守江山更难。 我养成了一个做眼保健操的习惯。但是不去可以的做。这个习惯又消失了。


We have work to do, you can’t just sit in a seat and grow smart

creativity is not a magical act of inspiration, it is the result of hardwork and dedication

Judit was a slow starter, but very hard-working

Find out  tremedous effort that went into their accomplishment

Wilma Rudolph, I just wanna be remembered as a hardworking lady

After the team lost the last game of the season, Jordan went and practiced his shots for hours

He had no concept of failure.

Marva Collins, if you don’t give anything, don’t expect anything. success is not coming to you.You must come to it.

这些都是关于hard-working 的! 我真的觉得我早点知道这个 growth mindset 就好了! 不过好幸运,现在知道也来的及的。


they trust people’s opinions of them in general too much

They’re so well behaved, they are so cute, they are so helpful and they’re so precious


You wouldn’t expect your work to get done by itself? 

it was inconceivable to him that you could have a goal and not take steps to make it happen

这个我超级有感触, 总是想好多目标, 好多事情, 但是还是去看电视, 看小说了。
我今天想跑6个Mile, 但是我一次跑肯定太累了。 我就 map out 12 个小时, 9am-9pm , 每个小时跑0.5mile.

原来 susan 也总是说, you must plan out how to use your bow!


who says elephant cant dance

我不记得作者本来要表达什么了, 但是我在泰国住过一个名宿, 叫 Dancing Elephant,


It was pain & trauma, but she never used the word humilated

我记得看过一个 ted talk, 就说不管什么情绪总比自责,羞愧好。

Things were discussed, not assumed

not  with angry label but with helpful action


I’d collected all my pains , and turned them into one mighty performance 


None of them thought they were great special ppl, borth with the right to win, they were people who worked hard, who learned how to keep their focus under pressure, and who strectched beyond this ordinary abilities when they had to


who can you turn to when good things happen?

your weakness doesn’t threaten their ego.

In France when they are nice to you, you feel like you have passed a test.
But in Italy, there is no test.

You either go one way or the other, you might as well be the one deciding the direction.


Everyone learns in a different way, let’s keep trying to find the way that works for you.

tim Fain 原来老去 buffalo, 我见过他好多回,每次说到练琴就是, everybody grows at out own rate, the
bottom line is we grow!


Dorothy DeLay: If students didn’t play in tune, it was because they hadn’t learn how.

Talent is a quality could be acquire 

The beautiful sound of Perlman made sense and was not just an overwhelming concept.

最爱这句话, yuki, seth, tom, susan , james 都跟我说音准是可以训练的,节奏是可以练的。但是要有正确的方法,而且开始会特别痛苦。我总是将信将疑, 如果DeLay 都这么说了, 那就真的是真的了!


Happy Reading! 😇

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