Beethoven Spring1 vs Necklace

Music Lesson Note 4

Beethoven Sonata 5 vs Necklace

Based on my taste, I always preferred melancholy, strong and expressive music pieces like Sarasate, Zigeunerweisen(流浪者之歌) or Lalo Espagnole.

This spring, James suggested me to try Beethoven Sonata 5 -Spring.
It should produce a very sweet fresh tone. As the progress going, I played to the middle of the first page where there’s a long bow with all the sixteenth notes


Image the notes as the pearls and play it as you are stringing all the pearls to the necklaces with your bow. Don’t play it as you dropped all the beads on the floor ! 

想象音符是珍珠,你要用弓子把那些珍珠穿成一条项链. 不要拉成珍珠宝石都掉到地上的感觉!


RitaE / Pixabay

我当时就觉得人间所有关于美好的形容都是一样的。 James 肯定不知道琵琶行的大珠小珠落玉盘! 但是他和白居易的意境是一样的!



of course, it is my favorite Zigeunerweisen!


fendermama10 / Pixabay

Happy Practicing!  💟




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