Rhythm Practice

Violin Lesson Note 4

Rhythm with Metronome

I hated metronome, especially the left-right swinging ones, as soon as I see it, my head feels dizzy.

But everyone told me if i want to improve the violin playing I need to play with a metronome!

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I was able to get away with some pieces, but when I started to play Mozart’s G Major Concerto! I just can NOT play the Bar 6 for almost 3 years.  Because I can’t play the dotted eighth note accurately.



I know one-quarter note= 4 sixteenth notes, but I could NOT feel the subdivision. Especially it is 3 sixteenth and 1sixteenth .


Finally, with all the help from Susan, Seth, and Yuki, I practice with the subdivision, instead of following the quarter notes. Susan suggested me to put my metronome beat as Sixteenth Notes, so it would be three beats for the dotted eighth notes. This method is a lot easier for me to follow!


Ever since then, instead of using quarter notes as beats, I always use the Greatest Common Divisor as a beat, this method really helps me feel the pulse more!

Btw, I was watching 梦想的声音,other singers asked 胡彦彬 why he sings long notes, but his feet tap at a very fast tempo. He said,

Subdividing the long notes really helped me not only feel the pulse but also add different favors into the note.    -胡彦彬 

I think all the good musicians do follow good practice patterns and habits to maximize the progress of learning or performing!

So the Rhythm Practice Trick for hard rhythm pattern is :

Set the Metronome beats as the Smallest note value! 

Happy Practicing with a Metronome! 🌧




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