Violin Lesson Note 3

When I was in college, Yuki always insisted me to remember the music score, but I never listened. 

As time goes by, and as I put more effort into the violin practicing. Now, I think it is crucial to be able to memorize the piece we are practicing or playing.

Here are some common techniques I gathered from James and Susan. (I wish i paid more attention to what Yuki had said)

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Music Memorization Techniques:

  1.  Listen to the recording whenever we have time
  2.  Learn the piece by a small trunk, 4- 8 bars depending on personal abilities. 
  3.  Able to repeat the 4-8 bars 8 times without any mistakes.
  4.  Learn the music by listening rather than reading the music score.
  5. Find a pattern [a]
  6. Play the 4-8 bars without a violin or play it on another instrument (piano, guitar, viola) or singing.
  7. Repeat the process for next 4-8 bars! and find the connection!

Don’t Forget to tell ourselves we are amazing just by the desire to memorize all the music…..


[a] For example:

Spring Sonata, Mvt I.

The first part is a variation of C Major (1,3,5) 
The second part is a variation of C Minor (1, 3b, 5).


I really like the TwoSet Violin Memorization Game video!

Happy Practicing! 🍥

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