Basic Oncology 101


Today I will share some Basic Oncology Knowledge I found in my old notebook: 


Complete Response (CR): Disappearance of all non-nodal target lesion

Partial Response (PR) : At least 30% decrease in the sum of diameters of target lesions compared with the baseline sum diameters.

Progression Disease (PD): At least 20% increase in the sum of diameters of all target lesions compared with the smallest sum ever reported (Nadir) during all follow up studies
or present of new lesions or a greater than 5mm increase.

Stable Disease(SD): Criteria for CR, PR, and PD are not met for at least 6 weeks, 42 days.

Nadir Size:  The smallest Sum of Lesion Diameter recorded during treatment.


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Special Parameters in Oncology: 

Best Overall Repsonse= Min(CR, PR SD)

Duration of Response (by months): 
(Min(Progression Date, Death Date) – (Best overall Response Date) +1)/30.43

Time to Treatment Failure:
(Min(End of study, Progression Date, Death Date)- Randomization Date+1)/30.43

⭐Overall Survival Time, OS:
(Last Contact date- Randomized date +1)/ 30.43

⭐Progression Free Survival, PFS:
(Min(Progression Date, Death Date)- Randomization date +1)/30.43

Time to Tumor Progression, TTP:
(First Progression Date- Randomization Date+1) /30.43

Overall Response Rate(ORR): CR + CRu +PR
It is the Primary Efficacy Endpoints for many Clinical Studies because it shows a direct measurement of drug’s antitumor activity. It is the percentage of people who experience a decrease in the size of the solid tumor (or amount for blood cancer ) of a predefined amount for a minimum time period.

Five Year Survival Rate:
The Percentage of people in a study who are still alive for 5 years after the cancer treatment. 

Disease Control Rate, DCR:

Median Overall Survival:
the time at which half of the people enrolled in the clinical study is still alive.

Median PFS:
The time at which half of the people enrolled in the clinical study are still alive or not

Note: These are some generalized the definitions and concepts, it might vary from different study designs.

Happy Studying 🌿 !!! 

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