Myelofibrosis Facts Overview




python code 

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
names= "Jak2 Mutation Present" ,"Maybe" , "No Jak2 Mutation",
size=[60, 10, 30]

#create circle
circle_jake2= plt.Circle((0,0), 0.7, color="white")
plt.pie(size, labels=names, colors=["red", "skyblue", "green"])
plt.title("60%- 65% Patients with JAK2 Mutation")

d={ "AE": ["Fatigue", "Abdominal discomfort" ,"Night sweats","Bone pain", "Itching"],
  "Percent": [80,53,51,40,40]}
plt.hlines(y=np.arange(1,6), xmin=0, xmax= df["Percent"])

acolors=["red" , "coral", "yellow" ,"lightgreen", "skyblue"] 
plt.hlines(y=np.arange(1,6), xmin=0, xmax= df["Percent"], color=acolors)
plt.plot(df['Percent'], np.arange(1,6), "*" , color="cyan", markersize=9)
plt.yticks(np.arange(1,6), df['AE'])
plt.ylabel ("Adverse Events")
plt.title("The Most Common Symptom for MF")


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