Violin 2019

2019 Violin Practice Schedule

I saw a youtube video about a young lady’s violin practice progress over 6 years from zero, I was very touched.
This year, I want to be better at practicing the violin. I remembered all my violin teachers always mentioning the importance of the structures of constructed the Violin Practice session. And I remember when I saw Yuan yuan or Seth in practice room, they always practice in standing.

Now, I set 5 ground rules for my violin Practice in 2019.

  1. Practice violin in standing posture
  2. Practice at least 2 mins per day for 360 days with NO TV on and with Metronome
  3. Recite 1 bar of music every day
  4. Post 40 violin progress videos in Social Media
  5. Train my ears with the Complete ear training


stevepb / Pixabay



Scales: Carl Flesch C major and F major

Etudes: Kreutzer 42 and Bach (4 etudes each)

Concerto: E minor concerto Mendelssohn (1st Mvt)

Music Piece: Refine Romance, 新春乐,and 新疆之春

Video Work: Suzuki 1 publish on Instagram

Happy Practice!🎻

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