SAS Proc Compare

SAS Day 15: Proc Compare


Problem: Suppose we need to compare the datasets Prod and QC.



We use Proc Compare to compare the value of two datasets. The report will give us a summary of two datasets.  Proc compare has many options, the ones I like the most are: Criterion, Var…. With, Listall, Id, Out.

Criterion: Set the compare decimal places.
E.g. criterion=0.001.

Var…With: Compare the attributes with different names.
E.g.  Var aval; With aval1;

Listall: List all the comparison results.

Id: Specify the compared order.
E.g: Id usubjid visitnum visdtc;

Out: Output a dataset for compared results.

Basic Syntax:

Proc Compare Base=a Compare=b listall criterion=0.0001;
var x y z;
with a b c;




Obviously, Prod and QC dataset did not match. So we need to go back and digging what caused the discrepancies and fix it!



  • HTML Proc Compare Output
    If you would like a fancy HTML output for future references, we can use ODS output

    ods html file="/output location/compareresult.html";
    proc compare base=base compare=c;
    title "Compare Result";
    ods html close;

Thanks 77 and Yajnes for the reference code.

Happy Coding! ☺


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