Renoir + Mozart

Violin Lesson Note 2

My violin teacher Susan encouraged me to think more about the musical expression when I started Mozart G major Movement 3. She asked me if I were a painter, what color I want to paint this music. If the bow is my brush, what kind of stroke I want to use. Is it soft and bubbly or strong and articulated?

Despite there is no absolute right or wrong about music except intonation and rhythm and musicians’  personal interpretations are precious, but we should generally respect the composer’s idea and follow the musical structure.

I think I was playing the f too strong, so Susan said,

Don’t play Mozart like Van Gogh!

I thought the visualization idea really helped me to understand the music better, last week I was a Renoir in the Metropolitan. I think it matches with the Mozart G major. Happy and Bubbly, yet not too loud!


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